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The Alchemy of Health

Alchemy Massage is designed to be your resource for Healthy Living … Our focus is YOU! This begins with an office that is designed to be quiet and soothing … a retreat from the ‘busyness’ of the world. This allows you to let go of the ‘outside world’ and find your inner peace and quiet … to relax, unwind and release; to invite wellness and wellbeing into the deepest parts of yourself! This is supported with a Therapy session designed specifically for your individual needs – both short term and long term. Carrie will take the time to sit with you and listen to your needs. Then, blend the Techniques she knows into a customized treatment focusing on what had just been discussed. If you wish, at various times throughout the treatment, feedback can be offered about the specific tensions that are being focused on – or not. Your wish to relax & not mentally process while on the treatment table is always honored! Feedback will then be held until after the treatment is completed. Recommendations may be made for stretching practices that you can perform at home that will continue to support you in between treatments.

The 5 Therapeutic Elements included in each session are an integral part of the effectiveness of the treatments that you receive from Carrie.

What's New
Electro-Therapeutic Point Stimulation is excellent for Pain Management and Scar Therapy treatments!

For October and November receive 1/2 hr FREE ETPS treament...try out this therapy that clients are raving about.